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RJs FM-93


Mehboob Kakrvi
Mehboob has been affiliated with FM 93 Mirpur since 2010. A Journalist by profession, Mehboob has given his heart and devotion as a host .Mehboob is the managing Director of “MASHAL RADIO” in Oldham, UK. Also Mehboob has worked as a newscaster and news Editor for “DM Digital TV” , “Sunrise Radio UK” , “Fortnightly Kashmir Times UK” , “BBC Radio Lancashire” and “Asian Sound Radio” .

Junaid Ansari
A Journalist by profession, Junaid has been working with FM93 Mirpur since January 2011. Junaid is a Writer, Journalist and a News columnist. Junaid Started his career with FM93 Mirpur as an RJ but carved his skills to handle political issues , hosting talks up to ministry level and focusing not only on local issues but also in keeping in touch with politicians from Pakistan, so they can share their views for the betterment of Azad Kashmir.

Sadaf Batool
Sadaf has been working with FM93 Mirpur since Sept 2009. She is a brilliant host, currently pursuing her goal as a student in the field of Business Management. Due to her diverging personality, Sadaf Hosts interviews as well in her show.

Hina Ijaz
A leading RJ amongst the listener’s of FM93 Mirpur . Hina’s choice of songs, interaction with the listeners and making people stay tuned with FM93 Mirpur has earned her the top spot amongst the RJ’s.

Rahat Nayab
Rahat is someone who is crazy about radio. Her career as an RJ started with FM93 Mirpur on Sept 2009, and now she is rated amongst the most popular RJ’s.

Qazi Zafar
Qazi Zafar has been with FM93 Mirpur & Azad Kashmir Radio Mirpur since. Qazi Zafar hosts his program in Mirpur’s local language “Pahari” . Qazi Zafar’s program contains fun, laughter, local language music and listeners participation. Making people laugh has given his program popularity amongst the listeners.

Wasif Ali Khan
Most famous amongst the youngsters, Wasif has now become the identity of FM93 Mirpur. Interaction with the listeners has been Wasif’s natural ability. Wasif hosts JK@ 93 .

Sabeel JK
Sabeel got his electrical engineering from Mirpur University of Science & Technology, Sabeel joined FM93 MIRPUR in September 2009, and is superb anchor with a fantastic voice.